Fuel Cells

It is often said that it’s the simple things in life that count.  

A case in point:  Fuel Cells are very simple

Hydrogen in  :  Electricity out

OK, so we’re talking about real life and rarely are things as absolutely simple as they might seem on the surface.  Swans, serenely gliding across a chocolate box lake barely raising a ripple have legs and  feet furiously going ten to the dozen unseen below the surfce.  Fuel Cells perform a very simple function very simply, but the technology behind them has taken many years of development, (with improvements still to come).

As you will see from the short video, kindly provided by Gencell, invented in the 18 hundreds, they have until recently been outcompeted by fossil fuels. 

That is all changing as we realise the damage we are doing to the planet and the opportunity presented by Emerald Hydrogen™ and true zero emission mass transport as well as static electricity generation.

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