Emerald Hydrogen™

Hydrogen delivered by pPetual is Carbon Neutral.  It is produced, using 99.99% renewable energy, from an infinitely renewable resource and when used in a fuel cell, produces electricity with zero emissions other than pure fresh water and a little heat.  

Fuel Cells need both pure Hydrogen and ultra clean air.  As a fuel cell takes in air, the air is purified and it emerges many times cleaner than when it went in.

pPetual produces infinitely renewable, sustanable, environmental, CO₂ neutral Hydrogen with zero black carbon emissions

To us, it’s  Emerald Hydrogen™ – eH₂™

pPetual is a small UK based company set up to drive the Hydrogen economy into the mainstream with technologies which are environmental, economically compelling and which do not rely on subsidies or the interminable red tape of government and regulation

Environmental solutions are the only way Planet Earth will remain habitable into the future, so these solutions must be better and the preferred choice, not the compelled requirement

pPetual makes best use of otherwise wasted resources

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